Blackburn UK lighting and visuals rental company HSL continued its long and successful working relationship with TV Lighting Designer Tom Kinane, with the supply of moving lights to the new BBC 1 quiz show, “Rob Brydon’s Guess List”.

Hosted by the Welsh comedian and currently being aired on BBC 1’s Saturday night primetime 9 p.m. slot, the shows were shot over three weeks at Pinewood Studios in March.

Kinane took Patrick Doherty’s retro styled set as a visual start point and helped produce a timeless looking environment which had its modern twists, but also paid homage to that ‘traditional’ British TV quiz genre made famous by Blankety Blank, Family Fortunes and other classics.

HSL’s Project Manager Sean McGlone comments, “Tom’s classy and slick lighting skilfully reinforced the visual ambience of the show, and as always we were delighted to be involved”.

This show is a powerful vehicle for Brydon’s wit and repartee, and sees five  celebrities each week guessing the answer to a series of questions, punctuated by hilarity in stand-up style from Brydon.

Bob Brydons Guess List 4

Kinane specified 16 x Robe LEDWash 600s, 16 x Vari*Lite 3500s, 16 x V*L 3000 Spots and 20 x Clay Paky Sharpies for the production, all of which were delivered by HSL.

There was a fair amount of back projection involved in the set aesthetics, so Kinane had to take this into account and balance the lighting carefully. The V*L 3500s, with their excellent shuttering capabilities were used to colour the set precisely, with texturing and depth added on top with gobos.

The set and staircases were edge lit with LED strips supplied by Light Initiative and these, together with other LED set practicals were also all under the control of the Lighting department.

The Robe LEDWash 600s provided additional set treatment as well as washing the floor and presentation areas.

Bob Brydons Guess List 9

Four of the V*L 3000s boosted the floor washing and colouring while the other 12 formed a ceiling focus and some interesting aerial effects.

The Sharpies were all positioned on the floor and used for filling in the back-of-shot gaps on camera and other eye-candy effects.

The challenge was that Brydon wanted the freedom to move all over the set and work from multiple positions, so more than anything it was an exercise in good ‘old-fashioned’ key lighting and cross blending of lightsources explains Kinane. The main task was to ensure there was a good generic coverage throughout the performance area.

Two follow spots from HSL were used occasionally to augment the lighting on Brydon as he moved around.

Joining Kinane on the lighting team were Moving Light Operator Andy Dobbs who used a Compulite Vector console.

The Commissioning Editor was Alan Tyler and the series was directed by Steve Smith.


Date of issue : 1st August 2014

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