HSL continues its long standing relationship as a lighting supplier to Granada Television Studios inManchesterwith a selection of LED fixtures for ITV’s new late night interactive “Bingo Night Live”.


Recorded inGranada’s Starlight Theatre space and aired between midnight and 1 a.m. on ITV1, the series features an eye-catching set designed by Julian Healey, with lighting designed by Neil Yates. It has kicked off with a selection of celebrity presenters including Melinda Messenger, Michael Underwood and Nichola Dixon.


Lighting has been co-ordinated by Taras Kochan who also programmed and is operating the console for the show and HSL’s TV project manager,Sean McGlone.


HSL’s kit on the show includes24 JTE PixelPAR 90s and 18 PixelPAR 87s, all of which are used for various twinkly set dressing effects, plus 90 ChromaQ dB4 LED modules. These are used for up-lighting ‘Bingo Central’, a futuristic-style set piece displaying ongoing statistics relating to the games-in-progress, which are constantly referred to by the presenters.


The main studio set piece – the vibrant and colourful ‘Wall of Numbers’ is a spectacular curved wall of 90 numbered cubes. These are fronted in frosted Perspex and each box is back lit with four 900mm Pulsar Chroma strips which were purchased byGranada.


Other lighting includes Martin MAC 600 moving lights, 1 and 2K fresnels and ETC Source Four Zooms.


All these and the LED fixtures are controlled by Kochan’s Compulite Vector console, with the lighting sequences DMX triggered by the central computer that runs the game.


Kochan comments, “I’ve worked with HSL since I started atGranada8 years ago, and they have always been excellent – fast and efficient on the service front – and very friendly and helpful to deal with. They also have a really wide selection of kit which is a great resource for us to be able to access”.




Date of issue : 6th July 2008.

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