Welcome To HSL Group Holdings Ltd

Our passion

The HSL Family is committed to excellence in the supply of design, technology, crew and production services to all areas of the professional entertainment industry.

We are dedicated to offering unique training opportunities and inspiring future generations of industry professionals through sharing our vast aggregate of knowledge and experience, together with various activities geared to encouraging new and emerging talent.

Known for its energy and enthusiasm, HSL is fully focused on providing the latest innovations and most appropriate products, services and solutions … delivered by people who really make the industry rock!

It’s all about the people

The company comprises individuals and characters who are passionate about the business and bringing core values like invention, imagination and integrity to a dynamic international client base.

HSL works globally and is a market leader in the fields of lighting, rigging and visuals, with bases in the north and south of England and Ireland.

Our Latest Products For Hire

Robe RedWash 3.192

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Robe LED Wash 136 LT

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Robe ColorSpot 170 AT

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Robe Robin 300E Beam

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Robe Robin 300E Spot

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Robe Robin 300E Wash

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Robe ColorWash 575E AT Zoom

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Robe ColorBeam 700E AT

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Varilite 3000 Spot

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Varilite 3500 Wash

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Varilite 1000 AS

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Varilite 1000 TS

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Our Latest Projects

HSL Has a Riot with Prodigy

HSL Delivers Massive Panto Season

Oh Yes They Do- HSL Does Panto Season in Style

Lighting, rigging and visuals rental specialist HSL are embroiled in a hectic 2016-17 pantomime season, supplying lights, LED fixtures and

Only Lives Today with Netsky

Lighting and visuals designer Andy Hurst enjoys challenges, and when that d‘n’b star Netsky announced a high profile one-off homecoming

HSL Rips it Up with Thunder

Lighting designer Ian Bintliff returned to top UK lighting and visuals rental company HSL to source equipment for the most

HSL Blasts UK with Prodigy Arena Tour

Lighting and visuals rental company HSL supplied lighting kit — over 300 fixtures - and crew to the UK arena

Panto Madness for HSL

It has been another glorious panto season for HSL, supplying lighting for over 30 productions all across the UK predominately

HSL Starts the Year Announcing Another £2 Million Investment in Kit!

HSL continues on the proactive investment path it followed throughout 2015, with another £2 million spent the last two months